What is Holistic ADHD Coaching?



                                                               Imagine if your were designing and building your dream house…  Just the way

                                                                you envision.  The certain style, the colors just right, the roof and windows and

                                                                 the surrounding landscape.  All that beauty and fabrication must be built on a

                                                                    strong foundation.  If the foundation is not right your house will fall and not

                                                                      last to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. 


                                                                          The person with an ADHD wired brain is no different.  Those with ADHD

                                                                            have so much inner beauty, so much creative potential inside to manifest and offer the world.  People with ADHD must also build a strong solid foundation of health for best results, just like their dream house.   If not, their potential gifts and strengths may never be manifested in the world for themselves and others.  And sadly, and unfortunately to be very blunt, may lead to a life of constant struggle and even catastrophe.  


In Holistic ADHD coaching we work on the whole person to maximize their health in body, mind and spirit.  Some of that is easy with fast results and some of these goals are more gradual that are achieved over time.  The good news is that health goals aqired over time are the ones that last a lifetime.  The Holistic foundation incorporates healthy eating and habits.  Not only healthy food that is delicious but, food that is also the right foods for the brain and also for each person’s unique bio-individuality. 

Bio-individuality means that we are all unique and a “one size fits all” is not right for everyone.  Exercise and being active is a must for health not only for everyone but especially for the person with ADHD.  The research shows time and again the amazing benefits of exercise for stress, anxiety focus and fitness and overall happiness.  Maximizing sleep and sleep patterns can add so much to your success. 

You can be on target with exercise, eating right and life satisfaction but if your not sleeping well it will diminish your other successes.  Having a strong solid spiritual relationship with self is priority.  This can range from a strong belief in god and or religion to enjoying quiet time out in nature and taking time to “stop and smell the roses”


These are just a few potential items to work on in Holistic ADHD coaching.   All of the above areas of exercise, healthy eating, sleep and honoring our spiritual selves, feed off and enhance on another.  It is an interplay that enhances each other to help provide you with the most successful life you can achieve!


The Holistic foundation is crucial and has tremendous potential to enhance the effectiveness of all the work a person does with other health professionals they may be working with.